You Look Like Who?

Because I watch a lot of TV, when I meet somebody new I usually find that they resemble some actor or character the actor portrays. For example, Mr. Obsession (don't know why I'm thinking of him today) looks like Don Draper. Not Jon Hamm, but Don Draper.  Anyway, Gerry reminds me of this actor whose name I can't recall and I'm too lazy too look up.  He appeared many years ago on some show my brother and I used to watch.  It was about a medical examiner and the Gerry look a like was her boss on the show.  The female medical examiner, before this show, played an ADA on Law & Order, the original one. In real life the Gerry look a like is cousin to George Clooney (though not as hot) and son of some famous singer named Rosemary Clooney, his last name I do know is not Clooney. 


Several weeks ago I told Gerry this complete with same info.  He actually knew the show I was speaking of and knew what actor I meant.  The actor according to Gerry now stars on NCIS or one of the CSI shows.  Gerry was miffed I said he looked like this guy, because he said he's not that old.  That's true, but back in the day when I watched the old show the actor was probably as old as Gerry is now (42).  He missed the part I guess where I said the actor was hot and he reminded me of him. Isn't that somehow a compliment? Right?


So Friday night rolls around and we're sitting all comfortable on the sofa watching TV.  I don't know what we were watching prior to some music special starting, but for some reason the remote had walked away and neither of us was going to go look for it.  The music special would have to do.  Not sure how long after it started (I started reading and wasn't even watching the show) Tim McGraw begins singing-an old song at that....


Gerry: That's who I look like.

Me: What? Who told you that??

Gerry: Nobody, but I look more like him than that old man you're talking about.


Ok, first off Tim McGraw, bless his heart, is a great singer but not great on the eyes.  I don't see anything where these two would remotely resemble each other.  I tell him this.  I ask him if he's ever seen Tim without his hat on, because he becomes even less to look at without it.  He gets up off the sofa and leaves the room only to come back with the laptop.  He looks up pics of Tim McGraw and starts showing me various ones where he might resemble him. 


I had to laugh.  It's Friday night and this is how we spent it.  Arguing about whether or not he looks like the singer.  He doesn't.  But regardless, it was a good evening.


Trust me, I am correct when I say Gerry resembles the old (as Gerry calls him) actor.  A younger version of him.

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Comments (1)

  1. bechtol

    Miguel Ferrer is the actor’s name, Crossing Jordan the old show.

    December 10, 2014