Wknd Visitation

The wknd visitation went rather well.  Scott for whatever reason instead of bringing the other kiddos up here like he normally does took Will and stayed down there.  I double checked the visitation orders and didn't see anything that said he had to keep Will in town.  I suppose it's ok.  I do trust Scott with my sons, he's always treated both of them the same as he treats his two.  He kept me posted throughout the visit, which was nice of him all things considered. (Yeah, I'm a bitch) My problem with him going with Scott isn't that I fear for Will's safety or anything like that, it's just very simply, he's MY son.  But oh well...the law is the law.


I loosened up on the bitch mode.  After that cop cars scencario being present for the exchange I felt like shit.  I do not want to take things there, now or ever.  I hated that I had to apologize for it.  Anyway, because Monday at noon I'd be going to AA which meant I was going to be dropping Will off at Scott's mother's place I told Scott that if he wanted he could keep Will the night and I'd pick him up after my meeting.  That's how that happened.  His Wednesday visit will be extended because instead of the noon AA meeting I will go at 5pm and we've agreed that Will will stay with Scott until the assigned 8pm time.  Do I give the impression that I'm happy with this? Cuz I'm not.


At yesterday's exchange he asked that I not let Gerry interfere with any custody arrangements.  So there I go once more apologizing for what I assume was meant as an intimidation tactic. We decided that his mother's place will be good enough for the exchange.


I guess I'll be alright with everything.  No point in fighting it.

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