We Might

I woke up this morning about 15 minutes before the alarm was set to go off.  Instead of trying to snooze those minutes away, I roll over and reach over to Gerry putting my arms around him.  I didn't sleep much nor well.  As I snuggle up against Gerry's back, I hear him telling me he needs his sleep more than he needs sex right then.  That's good I tell him because I was only trying to hold him close.  Of course I wouldn't be Sara if I just laid there holding him and not talking.


After a few minutes of silence....


ME: Do you love me? (we've never used the L word in reference to each other)

GERRY: Do YOU love me?

ME: I asked you first.

GERRY: I asked you second.


A minute of silence goes by...


ME: Well, do you?

GERRY: Do you?

ME: I might.

GERRY: I might too.


I'm so easily pleased. I took this as a yes to my question.  With that I scrambled out of bed to go put on the coffee and start his breakfast.


I've been in a happy mood ever since. 

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