The Stress Is Here

The wedding invitations were sent out already.  I'm not the one who prepared nor mailed them.  Today my father ranted all day because he received one.  He was insulted that as the father of the bride he'd receive one, he said his presence should have been a given.  Omg.  I have my own crap to deal with....


The plan was for me to attend summer session here and be back in Dallas for the fall.  That's not going to happen.  Either I can go here for fall or sit that semester out if I choose to head to Dallas.  I don't want to lose out on the fall semester.  I'm pretty sure Gerry is not going to allow me to stay here until next year. 


And for having a small wedding I still have a lot of things to do.  Even though Gerry himself is doing the bulk of the crap.  I love him.  I really do, but the stress has caught up to me. 


The actual day of my wedding I will be attending class til noon and than make the three hour drive up there.  I'll be back here by 8am Friday.  No, no honeymoon for this chica.  We will go on a 10 day vacation in August but that's not going to be a honeymoon because all the kids are going with us.  Well probably not Matty because it takes an almost an act of Congress for Jeremy to allow visitations to go off schedule.


I am sick to my stomach thinking about dress shopping again this wknd.  

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