The Aussie

I met the Aussie (pyhsically) in November of '11.  I was almost 6 months pregnant with Matty.  I don't even recall how the meet up happened.  I do know he was to be in the states and asked to meet and I agreed to go to CA since I'd never been there before.  What I can't quite remember is the status of my relationship with Scott.  I don't remember if it just worked out that our break-up coincided with the meeting or if I actually left him for the purpose of going to CA.  Either way, I do remember quite clearly that on my third day in CA Scott did show up there for a confrontation.  From that point on he and the Aussie became mortal enemies.


In March the following year, when Matty was six weeks old or so and everybody left (the grandmas) I decided to fly the Aussie back.  We met up in Austin at my brother's place.  It wasn't too good of a visit because my brother let Scott know that I was at his place and not alone (loyalty is lost on my family).  This must have been the begining of March, because on March 23rd Scott and I tied the know for the first time.


That summer Scott and I had break-up #386.  We were living in Austin by then because Scott started working for a rival company.  He remained there and I went back up to the Dallas (Plano) house.  It was then that Gerry and I first hooked up, for a brief fling, at that time he was still my neighbor and still married.  For whatever reason that died down quickly, I think if I recall correctly Gerry was too possesive for my taste (at that time).  Or maybe we broke up because the Aussie was coming back to the states.  Matty and I went to CA to stay with the Aussie.  This was the trip that caused me to lose Matty.  Scott backstabbed me and reported to Jeremy that the baby and I were in CA with a stranger (the Aussie was not a stranger).  Next thing I know I have Jeremy along with my brother (again, no loyalty!) and a couple of cops coming into our room to hand me a court order and walking off with Matty.  It was an ugly day to say the least.  I really try to not dwell on it, I'd be lying if I said that to this day it hurts, I just pretend it's ok....because to think about it means I'd deal with the pain associated with it, and well, we know where that's going to lead.  My brother stayed on in CA with me (us).  He said he went down with Jeremy because he wanted to make sure I'd be ok.  (If he really had wanted to make sure I was ok, he could have picked up a phone to warn me about what was about to go down.  But, loyalty.)


I want to say the Aussie and I were together for about three weeks (after Matty was gone).  By then I knew Scott had been behind me losing my son.  The Aussie left the states and I went back to Dallas for a few days than back to Austin with my bro.  Within days I ended up in the hospital for a drug overdose, accidental of course.  I wouldn't call it an overdose, I took what I thought I needed to make me get over my feelings.....or maybe Mr Obsession was somehow at fault for the OD...nonetheless I was in the hospital and the doctors wanted me to go to a mental facility.  While I argued with my brother and sister over this, Scott somehow came around throwing out various locations of where he was willing to send me.  I wasn't going anywhere.  During this stay though I was informed I was pregnant.  And I guess if I was going to have a major meltdown, I was in the right place for it.


I didn't handle the news well at all.  I knew it was the Aussie's.  Again, the same routine, Scott's solution was the same.  We'd have the baby and nobody would have to know it wasn't his.  


Again, this solution was unacceptable to me.

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