On A Lighter Note

I have fallen in love with Gerry's familia.  I stayed in touch with his mother.  I email her and I send her pics of her son, of us, of anything and everything I think she'd enjoy seeing.  She's really not some little old lady. She is older, but in the big picture of old people, she'd be on the younger side...I invited her to come visit us for Christmas.  She said she hasn't flown in a long time and is scared to do it alone.  Long story short, I emailed Gerry's brother, he's older than Gerry and is divorced and apparently lives with his mother.  I told him I'd invited his mom and since she was scared to fly alone why didn't he come with her.  He wanted to know if Gerry knew that I was inviting them.  No, but it is my place too (I'm feeling brave these days!).


Well....the way it worked out, they will drive down on the 21st.  They have another relative who lives an hour north of us and that person will also join us.  Actually the Oklahoma relative will only be here the 24th and 25th, the others will stay on 'til the Sunday after Christmas.  I am excited.


We're keeping it a secret from Gerry.


I'll probably tell him the day before their arrival.


I did this because, I feel bad for Gerry's mom.  She is very sweet, and I don't understand why he'd stay away.  He tried to compare it to my distancing from my family. But NO...my family is toxic and dysfunctional. Nothing like these people.  I could see the love between them, even stone cold Gerry was nice with them, both respectful of his mom and other elders present and loving. 


I've been telling Gerry that he really needs to see his mother more often.  She isn't getting any younger and four or five visits to her in 20 something years is a disgrace.  He replies that his mother understands that life goes on............Well yeah, she's a mother and I'm sure she must think as long as Gerry's ok than "que Dios lo bendiga".  His mother deserves better than that.


I can give this sweet lady the gift of knowing her son all over again.


Am I crazy? No, right?


Gerry should be ok with his family visiting.  He can't complain too much, I'll be the one with them 24/7. He'll be working, and being that it's a holiday probably long hours too. 

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Comments (2)

  1. ru5ty

    Thank you for sharing, bechtol. For the record, you are not crazy.

    December 14, 2014
  2. bechtol


    December 14, 2014