Not Happening

I've had a great week and I won't let even Scott bring me down.


He called yesterday.  He wants to exercise his right for visitation with my son, Will.  Um, no, not happening.  Normally I'd have said something along the lines about needing a court order for that to happen, but seeing as how there is an actual court order, I just said no.  He hasn't seen my son since the second split, unless he's done it while his mother is babysitting him.  I told him I was forever grateful that he'd snookered the Aussie into giving up his parental rights (that's what it amounted to), but he was not going to start up where the Aussie left off. 


Why now anyway? He said something along the lines about paying child support, if he was going to be paying it for the next 17 years he may as well maintain the father relationship he's had with "the boy".  Yes, that's how he referred to my Will...The Boy.  THIS set me off.  I told him if child support was the only reason for wanting to see my son he could stop paying it.  Of course that's not going to happen because he knows at any time he can be made to pay everything owed.  We went back and forth, nothing was settled.  He thought he had to tell me that I could be in trouble for defying a court order.  I am well aware of that.


He can do what he has to do, Will is mine...all mine.


I probably should be looking for an attorney right about now.  I'll need one I suppose.


Other than this, I'm still in a happy mood.

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