My Latest Interest

I did productive things today.  Well, maybe not so productive, but I didn't have any destructive behaviours and that's always a plus. 


My latest obsession is Three Dog Night, as demonstrated in my shared video posts.  I suppose if I'm going to have an obsession this is relatively good-compared to alcohol, pills or strange men, right? So anyway, when I wasn't busy entertaining Gerry's gente I listened to their music.  I heard stories about them from Gerry's brother who was a fan back in the day.  I decided too that I was going to start collecting Three Dog Night's vinyl records.  I learned that term today--vinyl.  I previously refered to them as 'those black discs'.  How hard can this be.  Gerry's brother brought it to my attention that I don't have a player for them.  I'm not sure if I'm collecting them that I should be playing them.  I didn't think that far ahead.  But on the off chance that I do want to play them I will need one of these players.  So.....I ordered on online.  I have no idea what I was looking for or how it's operated.  I bought some kind that has an AM/FM radio and that will play CD's as well.  It looks nice.  If nothing else I suppose I will play the CD's on it, though it's a high price for just playing them. 


After I ordered it I read somewhere online that the brand I ordered is not the best for playing the vinyl records.  Oh well, it's done now.  I ordered a tshirt as well.  I'm really more interested in things that were around when they were originally around, like posters and such (not reproductions).  They're costly.  I saw one poster going for over 8000.  Wow.  I can't afford posters at that price, even if I went off and got a job. 


I have no life.....I get lost in music, and for whatever reason I've been drawn to this group.  I discovered a song done by them in Spanish too.  Can't remember the name right off, it's sorry quality so I'm not bothering to post it.  And I must confess.....that Bullfrog song is kinda growing on me.  I don't like it, but I'll let it play when it comes up instead of skipping it.  With all the other good songs I like by them, I can let this one slide.


Gerry's mother won't be leaving on Sunday.  She will remain until after some holiday she is celebrating next week (other than New Years Day that is).  We will drive her back up later.  Kansas is not all that exciting of a state, just sayin'. 

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Comments (4)

  1. capshaw

    My mom and dad use to have hundreds of vinyl records. I would sit for hours paying them when I was a kid. I never did listen to them all. I don’t know what ever happened to them.

    December 28, 2014
  2. texaskid

    Vinyl records are great!

    December 29, 2014
  3. capshaw

    Hey girl, did you watch them horns last night? I don’t like the new coach. I’ll give him two years there and they will run his ass out of town. lol If I don’t talk to you before then Happy New Year!

    December 30, 2014
    1. bechtol

      Nobody does! Happy New Year to you too!!

      December 31, 2014