Jeremy 2

We got passed the college thing.  He wanted to remain in Texas and I remember how a couple of our teachers helped him out.  He had applied to two Texas colleges and of course Auburn.  In the end his parents pulled what I imagine a lot of rich parents do--he was told he could go to school in Texas if he so chose, but not to expect ANY kind of help from them, he'd be totally on his own. (I highly doubt they would have turned their backs on him), but Jeremy did what I suppose many rich kids do, he felt scared at the thought of maybe being on his own so he listened to them.  His grandfather footed the bill for Auburn and everything that came with it. 


We (or I) came to terms with that.  We talked about the future, we thought we'd be able to do the long distance thing, visiting each other on occasional wknds and him coming home on breaks.  It sounded like it would work.  We graduated that May, in August he left to Alabama.  He did return a couple of weeks later.  My birthday was mid August so he was down for that.  I turned 18.  He had planned a special date, it was nice, the night ended with both of us losing our virginity to each other.  Between then and that December we probably had sex 5 times, it was never good, not for me anyway.  


School started and we did good, we stayed in touch, emailing, phones and those visits.  All was well.  My life should have been perfect....


It was, until Christmas break.

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  1. ru5ty

    Sorry. I really hope your beautiful life returns to being where it deserves to be – being perfect.

    January 24, 2015