He Loves Me

I went home because it was my wknd to see Matty.  I hadn't bothered to tell Gerry because we weren't really talking and it wasn't any of his business.  I figured he'd be tracking me down anyway and we'd have it out once again when he finally called.  And that's what happened, though it wasn't much of a fight because I didn't respond.  He said he'd be there Saturday afternoon so that we could drive back up together on Sunday.  He did show up like he said, his son (19) drove him and the 16 year old down this way.  When they got there Gerry called and said we were going to go eat at some restaurant before his son drove back up.  The 16 year old would be staying down there with us.


I arrived with the boys (I had Matty on another unsupervised visit) at the restaurant and quickly got them seated in high chairs and sat with everybody. It was uncomfortably quiet and one could feel the tension and it was probably noticable to his kids that Gerry and I weren't speaking. (We {or I was anyway} were still angry over the slut comment.) Finally after some time I spoke up.  I told the kids they should have been at our place last week cuz their dad spent most of the evening trying to convince me he looked like Tim Mcgraw.  This drew laughter, especially from the 16 year old.  Gerry explained why that had even come up.  Fifteen or so minutes later after we all had brought up various pics on our phones, the kids came up with somebody who they thought resembled their dad. I won't bother with that actor's name, because that actor is dorky and Gerry is not dorky, he's hot.  This brought groans from them, lol.  I don't see a resemblance anyway.


With that settled and the food at our table by that time, I announced to all that I had a secret that I wanted to share.  The son interrupts me long enough to ask if I was pregnant.  Um, no....I go on to tell them that their grandmother-their dad's mother, their Uncle X and his daughter and granddaugter would be arriving in Dallas the following day.  Gerry just stared at me as if he couldn't believe what I'd just said.  He asked why had I invited them (at this point I could't even tell if he was pleased or not at the news) I replied that because that's the kind of thing I do when I'm not out being a slut....


HIM: I never called you slut.

ME: It was implied.

HIM: Not even.


I continue by telling him that his Tia Sylvia and her husband would be arriving to our place on Wednesday and they'd leave on Friday.  The others would remain until Sunday.  I told the kids that I'd appreciate it, as would their grandmother and their dad if they could come over and visit at some point during the week (along with their 21 yr old sister).  It was at this point that Gerry, who hadn't really said much turned to me and planted a big kiss on my lips......


HIM: I love you.

ME: You do or you might?

HIM: I do.


We just smiled at each other without saying anything. 


The kids were somewhat excited about the news of their visiting relatives.  It turns out the 16 yr old has never even met her grandmother.  Are you for real?? I told her dad that that was totally unacceptable.  He responds that life always got in the way.....Yeah, whatever.


I'm expecting Gerry's kids on Tuesday for supper and they promised they'd drop by at least on Christmas day, they couldn't say then if they'd stay for dinner....(of course not, I know your mother....{not that I said that}.)


I hope I don't come to regret this.

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