Dinner With Dad

It's been a good two weeks, still back in my hometown.  Still staying with Jeremy's parents.  


The day of the Houston trip blowup was not a good day for me, we had to stay over late because of trouble with one of the vehicles.  Gerry ended up not coming down that day, but the following day instead.  That evening the four of us all went out to dinner.  By that time Gerry and I were once again on talking terms.  During the meal, he and my dad got to talking about us.  (My step-mother was also with us) Gerry started out by telling my dad that he loved me and admitted that that hadn't always been the case.  He went on to say that I am a difficult person to live with and I have moments where he wants nothing more than to strangle me--my father told him he knew what he meant. :(  They went on talking about me and this relationship as if I wasn't there.  Gerry went on to also say that he had no patience for bullshit and that that was probably due to 20 years on his job---one would think 20 years on the job would have the opposite effect, whatever.  


At some point my dad asked him what his intentions were with me.  Now THIS made me laugh.


"Really, Dad? You're going to ask that as if I'm some big virgen??"


I reminded my Dad that Gerry and I were neighbors when we started fucking around on our spouses.  I could see immediately that my Dad didn't appreciate what I'd just said. He leaned towards me (we were sitting at a square table and he was on my right) and said in a low voice in Spanish--roughly translated--Yeah, keep calling yourself a whore so that this 'gringo' will get the idea that it's ok to disrespect you and start treating you like one.........I leaned towards him and replied in a low voice in Spanish as well--roughly translated---This man only looks like a 'gringo', he's puerto rican, remember? He understand Spanish very well and can certainly speak it better than me.  Of course Gerry could hear us, it wasn't that big of a table, I was giggling...and Gerry spoke up, in Spanish also....telling my dad that he understood what he had said and he assured my dad that he didn't think of me like that, blah, blah, blah.


Gerry said he didn't know where we were headed that that was all up to me.  


I had to cut this conversation off.  I didn't like where it was going, nothing bad was being said, but I am not used to sharing crap with my family and I certainly am not used to my dad giving anybody I'm with the third degree----as if I am some kind of big virgen.  The time for that kind of questioning of my guys is long, long gone.  


Gerry spent the night in town, we stayed in Austin.  I told him I couldn't go back to Dallas just yet because Matty's birthday was going to be Thursday and Matty would be spending that day with me and Will.  We'd be having dinner with Jeremy's family that night and than that wknd we (or they) were having a birthday party for him and I wanted to be there for him.  Gerry was fine with that, so I stayed.


The Sunday after the birthday party my Dad had to make a run to Brownwood which is a couple of hours away. I offered to go with him.  There was something about the dinner conversation that was on my mind and I wanted to talk to him one on one without any distractions.  

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