Apparently It Will Happen

I guess Scott wins.  He starts visitation next week.  It would have been this wknd but I told him I have my visitation with Matty this wknd and I want Will there because they need to visit with each other as well.  Scott's visitation with his other kids should have been this wknd as well.  He said he'd change his so that Will would go see Matty on my visitations.  He said changing his visitations to opposite mine shouldn't be a problem because the kiddos' mother is not some psychotic bitch like me.  Which of course turned into an ugly fight.....I told him to go get a dna test on his daughter because she clearly belongs to his ex's current husband, the man she left Scott for all those years ago. 


Yeah, it's going to be very ugly before things get better.


I hate that man and I'm pretty sure wanting to suddenly see my son is just a way to get on nerves. 


He is my son's legal father though, he can take me to court over anything regarding custody at the drop of a hat.  Sooo....I gotta do this right. 


And really this month isn't going to be too bad because Scott is still in the area.  Next month he returns to work, so either he'll be back in Boerne or SA. His other kids are in Aggieland.  I have a feeling the compromise is going to be for me to go deliver my son to him in Aggieland.  That's not happening either......not without a court order. 

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Comments (13)

  1. capshaw

    Do you remember me telling you that you would hate him one day?

    December 06, 2014
    1. bechtol

      I don’t remember, I wouldn’t or didn’t listen. Live and learn.

      December 06, 2014
    2. bechtol

      Frankly I think he wants me back. I can’t think of any other reason why he’d be making visitation an issue.

      December 06, 2014