After Jack

I didn't spend too many days with my brother after that marriage break-up.  In the days or weeks before the break-up, Scott had been in contact with me (mainly emailing) and kept telling me that he was expecting his quarterly bonus and wanted to for me to go to rehab. We were clearly not together but for whatever reason he thought I could benefit from it and he kept offering it with, he said, no strings attached.  So, within days at my brother's I decided to take him up on his offer.  I went in March 5th and remained there 'til almost mid May.  During that time I remained in constant contact with Mr Obsession, even managing to call him during the no outside contact was supposed to be in place.


Immediatly after my release I went to my brother's.  Within 24 hours of being there I had a meltdown and began drinking.  Actually what had happened is Mr Obsession and I got into it and he thought it best that we stop our communication and I wasn't going to have that.  My brother called Scott to let him know that I had already started drinking, within hours Scott was at the door.  Neither knew what triggered the drinking not did I tell them.  Scott stayed the night because it was late and he was tired from the drive. Somehow we ended up having sex.  The next morning he took off early because he had a meeting with an important client.  I, not having anything better to do and still mad with the bro, decided to pack up and hit the road.  My cat and I headed to Atlanta where Jeremy was living still.  Jeremy and I had reconnected the previous summer after I found him on Facebook. (As friends, no other connection.) I remained in Atlanta until June 1st.  I was going to make my way back to Dallas (and to Scott).  My drive back to TX was going to consist of a stop in Tennessee to visit my step-dad and a few friends that I met during my brief stay there years before.  During one of the calls to my step-dad he told me an old friend (one that was close to my age and used to hang with the step-dad {they're all nerdy gamers}) was going to be at his place in the next couple of days.  I ended up called that person and long story short, I ended up going from Atlanta to Birmingham to give him a ride up to TN (south of Nashville).  Later my step-dad would be driving him to Fort Campbell.  I stayed in TN for three days before making it back to Dallas.


Things were uneventful, we settled into some kind of routine.  It was summer so Scott had his kiddos and that was the year that he ended up keeping him for the school year as well because the ex-wife was going to Aggieland to finish working on her follow up degree.  All was well until mid July.  I realized that not only was I late with my period, I hadn't had one the previous month.  This wasn't something I was ready for, and I knew immediately that paternity was going to be an issue.  I had a meltdown, no, no drinking.  I spent most of the rest of that month in bed crying.  Finally on the last few days of July I told Scott what the problem was.  He was excited for a brief minute.  Than I told him I didn't know if it was his or Jeremy's.  He didn't care.  His solution was for us to move forward, we could have the baby, he'd sign the birth certificate and nobody would have to know that the baby might possibly belong to another man.  (Sometime between the time I told him I suspected I was pregnant and his solution I had taken a home pregnancy test that confirmed I was indeed pregnant.)


Scott's 'solution' was not acceptable to me.  Even then I thought more than likely Jeremy was the dad and I (my self righteous self) thought he had a right to know of this possibility.  When I told Scott this, he flipped.  I ended up leaving Scott--AFTER I shared with Jeremy the news.  Jeremy's reaction wasn't a good one.  He went on how his career was just taking off, we were both too young for this responsibility, blah, blah, blah...


I went to my brother's for a brief time.

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