A Dead End Fight

The visitation battles have started already.  On Wednesday Scott had a two hour visit scheduled.  I did my normal AA meeting and I called him beforehand and let him know Will would be at his mother's and I'd leave him a bit longer so his time there would be two hours.  He said "OK".  After my meeting I killed time and eventually made it to Scott's mom's to pick Will up.  I didn't ask about Scott, I assume he visited. So I go on my merry way.  Come 4:00, I get a call from Scott.  He asks me how I want to do this.  I have no clue what he's talking about and frankly the sound of this man's voice puts me in a pissy mood these days, so I wasn't too friendly. He reminds me his visitation is from 6-8 that evening and ask if he's to pick Will up from our place, am I dropping him off or do we want to divide the drive and meet somewhere at a halfway point.  I'm all like WTF.  I told him that that was the purpose of me leaving Will at his mother's so that he could do his visit there and I remind him that he himself said "OK". He said he thought I was just being courteous by letting him know the whereabouts of his son.


OH HELL NO!! This set me off....I went with the standard 'he's not your son' first off, and my list went on from there.  Bitch all I want he told me, bottom line was he was seeing 'our son' that evening and he thought maybe he should pick Will up from our place.  I hate this man....


I hung up, called Gerry and asked what he wanted me to do.  Meet Scott at a halfway destination he said.  This was a mistake.  Because I ended up calling Scott and told him where to meet us (me & Will)............I arrive at the designated place (a store location that has a pretty empty parking lot) only to find two cop cars.  I knew what this was about....and I was not pleased.  The minute Scott pulled up they got off their vehicles, didn't approach us, just stood at their cars.  I was pissed.  But it was done.  I ended up apologizing to Scott....and I hated that I was put into the position of having to apologize to this man.  He put Will into a carseat and told me he'd be at my mother's that I can drive there to pick him up.  He drives off and as I'm getting into my vehicle one of the cops who remained in the parking lot asks if I'm ok.  I ignored him and drove away.


I didn't bother to fight with Gerry over it. 


Scott took Will yesterday for his wknd visitation.  I met him at his mother's place and he gave me the info for the hotel they'd be staying at down in Aggieland.  He texted me when they arrived and he's texted me two or three times to let me know what's going on with them. 


I remain off my high horse....


I still hate him though and really don't think it's fair him pursuing visitation.  But that's my life.



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